Global Education and Development (EGD asbl) was founded in 2001 and was recognized as a non profit organization in Belgium in 2003. It is a youth organization recognized by the Belgian government.

EGD asbl is developing several projects:

Peace Education and Citizenship animations

  • Since 2005, a Peace Education project for children from 4 to 12 years old (“Peace Classes” project) has been set up. The association then organizes “Peace Classes” and “Creative Peace Workshops”
  • Also, development education activities are offered in primary and secondary schools up to 18 years old and more
  • EGD asbl also supports several peace education projects in India and Rumania.




  • The association is involved in the training of teachers and educators as well as in the specific training of facilitators.
  • Family training is also provided to best meet our educational needs and to manage our family environment in a peaceful and serene way.
  • At EGD asbl, there is also a citizen integration program for foreigners


  • One Tuesday a month, EGD asbl organizes conferences and dialogues.
  • One Friday a month, the association organizes a friendship dinner to be together in all diversity.
  • One Sunday a month, a Sunday brunch is organized for parents, grandparents and all families to discuss their family environment.

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