Citizen Integration Program

The association offers training and integration orientation for people of diverse origins, recognized as part of the welcoming program. Belgians are also welcome as long as the content is of practical relevance and importance to anyone living in Belgium.

During this training, various topics are discussed, mainly:

Actors and structures facilitating the integration process.

Rights in terms of housing, health, employment, training, citizenship, …

Promote the participants’ global skills by contributing to their own development and the development of their surroundings.

Use of various methods and structures of cooperative and participative learning.

Discoveries and visits …

Voluntary and personalized accompaniment.

This initiative is supported by the CRIBW, Regional Integration Center of Brabant Wallon

In practice :

This is 12 training days from 9:00 to 15:00. *

Interested or need information? Contact us without waiting.

* Schedules may vary depending on the program.