Our association supports various projects in India.

Support for Peace Classes in India

Our association works in collaboration with various Indian associations. It supports Peace Class projects and their realization.


Collaboration with other associations and cooperatives

EGD asbl also supports the realization of Creative Peace Workshops in India.

These are post-school activities for children from 6 to 12 years old. Children can learn how to be in peace with themselves and others while having fun and developing their artistic talents


Support to young people and school creation

The association also attaches importance to the creation of social and environmental projects and to peace and non-violence education projects.

It gives young adults the opportunity to learn, to conceive and to evolve in order to become active actors for their emancipation and development. It helps these young people, especially young women, to build themselves by contributing positively to their own lives, to that of their families and their communities while educating younger generations through peace education, values ​​and accompanying projects.

For example, the association supports the creation of schools in India of young local actors. These schools practice Peace Education with educational staff who takes care to develop this pedagogy with the students.