The association Global Education and Development (EGD asbl) is a pluralistic association active in the field of education for Peace and values, focused towards non-violence education, global citizenship and cooperation for people of all cultures, origins, ethnicities and philosophical beliefs. It provides children, adolescents and adults with training, activities and educational tools to encourage them to become actors of positive change in themselves and their environment.

Our association has been active for more than fifteen years in Belgium and is recognized as Youth Organization by the Federation Wallonie Bruxelles, as well as by the European Youth Federation under the Council of Europe. It also has consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations since 2018.

The association is aimed to children and young people from 3 to 18 years old as well as the adults around them. Activities for young people are developed both in and out of school, so that they can learn education for peace, non-violence and world citizenship on a weekly basis. The association equally works on the social and intercultural integration of people from different national and cultural backgrounds. It also coordinates a center of study, training and research.

Since 2005, the association has been developing several projects:

Peace and values education activities
  • Animations for schools (Classes of Peace)
  • Creative Peace internships
  • Creative Peace workshops
Training courses
  • The association is involved in the training of teachers, host staff and animators.
  • Family training is also offered to answer our educational questions and to manage our family environment in a peaceful and serene manner.Within EGD asbl, there is also a citizen integration program for people of various nationalities and origins, and an interculturality project to promote the harmonious development of a multicultural society .
  • One Friday a month, the association organizes « Friendship Friday », a moment of gathering, to be together in all diversity.
  • One Sunday per month, a Sunday Brunch is offered for parents, grandparents and all families with children. This meeting is an opportunity to learn and exchange around their family environment, and this, through different workshops

If you are interested in our actions, do not hesitate to consult our agenda and subscribe to our Newsletter:

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