As in our creative workshops, our camps approach peace education in a playful and participatory way, through multiple creative activities. The idea is above all to learn about Peace while having fun!

Our camps are aimed at children from 2.5 to 12 years old.

During an immersion of several days, the children are led to cooperate, reflect and create around the themes of friendship, conscious management of emotions and conflicts, universal human values and world citizenship.

To do this, different creative media are used: painting, sculpture, crafts, cooking, music, origami, etc.

Our camps also offer a sporting dimension. Each afternoon, the children take up a specific discipline, which they will explore throughout the duration of the course (the discipline(s) in question varies according to the course).

Our camps end with a celebration to which the parents/families of the children are invited. On this occasion, a moment of exchange and reflection is organised, followed by a show presented by the children who recount the activities carried out during their immersion. The exchange finally ends with a snack all together.

To find out about our next courses, do not hesitate to contact us or to consult our calendar of events and our Facebook page.