The main goal of EGD is to help people to become individually and collectively aware of their own development, while helping others to follow the same path.

We propose to work with individuals, institutions and communities to promote these goals and approaches.

As part of its Peace Education Project, the goal of the « Peace Classes » is to develop peaceful behavior among children and youth and to become « peacemakers » in order to contribute to the harmonious development of their society.

Peace Education is a special kind of education which focuses on values, social skills and the discovery of the feelings, the relations of each child.

This method is based on cooperative learning. Cooperative games are an important part of this peace education program. This approach ensures that learners do not only benefit from what they learn, but also from how they learn!

This same approach is applied successfully in all the other programs we develop for children, teenagers and adults.

To strengthen its impact, EGD asbl offers training to education agents. This gives them the tools to act as facilitators in the specific context of Peace Education.

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