The association offers, in collaboration with the CRI of Brabant Wallon, a training course on integration and citizenship. Open to all people of diverse origin, this training is recognised as part of the integration process for new Belgian residents.

During the integration course, our trainers guide the participants in discovering Belgian and Walloon culture, answering their questions as well as possible and providing them basic knowledge about Belgian institutions.

More than a training course, the integration programme offers the opportunity for all participants, who come from multiple cultures, to meet and exchange ideas on various themes.

During this training course, various topics are covered, including:

  • Actors and structures facilitating the integration process.
  • Keys to understanding the Belgian social, political, economic and cultural reality
  • The rights in terms of housing, health, employment, training, citizenship, etc.
  • The « living together « , with our differences and in the perspective of a multicultural society.

Visits are also organised whenever possible to enable participants to discover some important Belgian places (European Parliament, etc.).

Furthermore, the training aims to enhance the participants’ overall competences to contribute to their own development and their surroundings, through the use of various cooperative and participatory learning methods and structures. It offers voluntary and personalised support.

This initiative is supported by the CRIBW, Regional Integration Centre of Brabant Wallon and the Walloon Region.